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Thursday, July 29, 2010

last night contest

i decided to go and support some of the models last night because i know how people feel when they are in the back staging area.
i showed up as a lil dragon (lol)
i sure hope i put some smiles on people.
i wish i was there competing though but this work in rl doesn't give me too much time to get ready for the events at CWS.
wow people looks amazing last night at the show.
oh btw
i just bought some land so hopefully someone will visit my place once i get a building up to use as my house there.
well i gotta get going to work in RL bummer.
o here just a random pic mardi gras ?

Friday, July 16, 2010

I am still having problems uploading images on this blog and i have clicked on add image option like 100 times. I have miss most of of the fashion shows but i am hoping that i can make the one on Sunday. I am not sure about this blogging cause it seems that i am doing is free versing and saying stuff that just pops into my mind. CWS had an Italian store open Thursday night and they gave away a free dress and i would like to see it on a female.
okay here is the link for Classic with style check it out

Monday's styling show

i was going to upload the image of the winner's of the styling show but ,
well it seems that i can't upload an image on my post.
the video is option is working but not the add image.
the show was something although i had problems with my computer and i miss the start of it .
i think i learned a lot from the show, and i know that is going to be a long road ahead of me.

Monday, July 12, 2010

CWS & the blog creating class

our teacher was tabytha1 and she was cool.
i am not sure what to really to expect from the class but it know seems that this will be my first blog and we will be learning how to blog.
the ladies in the class are really hot.
all the ladies have nice outfits all the time.